Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Hopefield Branch/Railway

In an earlier post I wrote about the history of this branch/railway. It is still in use today although was re-gauged in 1926 to Cape Gauge. If you look at the photo of the first train to Hopefield in the previous article you will note the station building in the back ground and if you compare it to the building in the current photo's I would say its the same. The photo's where taken by William Smith. I will be back in the area myself in Feb.2011 so will be able to do some more local research and further photos of the other stations along the line.
The bottom photo is my 7mm/On30 NG22 with a B wagon and two GH-1 goods vans. The B wagon is a Mark Reed resin casting, built by me.The two GH-1's are built and resin cast by myself.