Wednesday, 21 April 2010

SAR-Handbook on the Steam Locomotive

Awhile back I acquired the South African Railways Handbook on the Steam Locomotive for Enginemen and Running Shed Staff 1956. This book is a gem. The information is how it really is. It was issued to Drivers, Firemen, and as it says Running Shed Staff, it was called the ‘red book’ (the cover is red) There is the same for Diesel and Electric Traction.
Anyway I am part of another forum for South African Railways called sar-L@yahoogroups.com , this is a very active forum with some very prominent railway authors, ex- railwaymen,railway photogaphers and even my Uncle Bill (ex-railwayman). The content is of a high standard and is at times like a living history lesson. Although I was a railwayman for 9 years the knowledge and experience in this group is untold but everyone is helpful and friendly, willing to share knowledge and experiences. One of the resent topics to come up in this forum is this book ,which had come up on E-Bay and sold for £36.
One of the forum shared a link http://www.martynba ne.co.uk/ sar-manual/ index.html which is basically this book and is worth a read and a very valuable reference book.

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  1. Hi Wildebeast. Where were you able to get a copy of this book? SAR-Handbook on the Steam Locomotive