Wednesday, 11 February 2015

What is left of the Lawley's?

Well not many have survived of these iconic little engine with their classic colonial lines. Know to some as the ‘Gentleman’s sporting Engine’
We  know of the two that have been restored on the Sandstone Trust www.sandstone-estate.com .97 Has been restored to its SAR livery ‘Black’ and looks splendid, the second has been restored to represent a Lawley on the Beira Railway in Green. There is a fine YouTube clip with both loco’s double heading. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIAEsvm2sbo
Then we know of one in the Zimbabwe National Railway Museum. A Falcon F4, they have it number as No 27 but Antony Baxter reliably informs us in his book that it is No.19. There is one in a children’s park in Bulawayo.From Anthony's book two loco's where brought to Bulawayo the best bits used for the loco in the Museum an what was left built the loco in the park.

Then there are strong rumors that there are two in the ‘Phyllis Rampton Narrow Gauge Railway Trust’ for the bits I have picked online they are Beira Railway, Lisboa and SSE1912 ,it would good if anyone has further details on these loco’s or has any others to add.

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  1. This is my attempt at recreating a train leaving Beira around 1895 in miniature: