Friday, 9 January 2015

About a 18 month ago my Uncle,an ex South African Railwayman, who know's of and follows my interest in the 'little railways of South Africa' sent me a First Class season ticket issued to by my late Great Grand-Father William Smith ( the same name of my Uncle). The ticket was issued on the 25th January 1909 by the Cape Government Railway in what was their last full year of of being before becoming part of the South African Railways when the Union of South Africa came about in 1910. What is most interesting is Great Grand Father William who was a traveling Salesman for a Farm Implement Company, would have traveled on the Hopefield Branch changing at Kalibas Kraal. The ticket is 47mm x 75mm in size.In some way I feel that this is a link to the past that is personal and the next time I stand in front of the station building at Hopefield I know that my Great Grand Father over 100 years ago had stood there before me, I wonder who he was off to see and did he get the sale? .

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