Saturday, 10 January 2015

In 1949 the Easter Province Cement Company (E.P.C.C) ordered a 2-8-2 from The Hunslet Engine Co. with a T.F of 15 200lbs, as No2 the Baldwin 4-6-2 was 20 years old. After this order No2 received a full refit and a new Hunslet boiler along with the Hunslet Diamond Smoke Slack to help catch the cinders . The photo or cover of The Narrow Gauge Society Magazine is of No2 at outside the E.P.C.C engine as she looked after her refit. She was also paint red and ran as thus till her last days on the E.P.C.C. I don’t unfortunately have any photo’s that I can post of the 2-8-2 as the copies I have of her I don’t copyright or permission to post.

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