Saturday, 31 January 2015

Over thenext while I plan to do a few blogs on the NG6-Lawley,or know today as 'the Gentleman’s sporting Engine', a most befitting term I feel, one which I first heard on the Welsh Highland Railway while on a NG15-134 weekend, Andie Shaw who is the project team leader for the restoration of the NG15-134 came out with it. Andie has driven both the NG6 and the NG15 on the Sandstone Trust Estate Railway so I feel as there are not many drivers who have done so ( in the UK even fewer) it gives him the right to use the term, Gentleman’s Sporting Engine, I do wonder what he refers the NG15 as, hopefully we will fine out soon as 134 gets closer to returning to steam. To start with I will post some wonderful photo's of the two NG6’s on Sandstone taken by my good friend Maff Wellman.
Along with the Lawley's at Sandstone as I mentioned the the NG15 I have added a photo of their NG15 as well.

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