Friday, 16 January 2015

Reading 'The Locomotive in South Africa by T.J.Espitlier and W.A.Day it give this brief write up and details 'During 1916,the Baldwin Locomotive Company ,USA Class NG 10 numbers 61-66. They where erected at the Uitenhage workshops.The wheel arrangement was 4-6-2 type and the coupled wheels 3 ft. 0 in. diameter. The cylinders were 13ft1/2 in. by 18 in. The boiler pressure was 180lb. per sq.in. The tractive effort at 75% boiler pressure was 12,302lb. The tender carried 5 tons of coal and 1 700 gallons of water. The toal weight of the engine and tender was 47 tons 4 cets full working order.' As we know one of this Class servives and is house by The Sandstone Trust. It had spent years out side rusting away and is in a bad way needing a lot of work to restore her, we live in hope. The last of her Class in South Africa was order some 14 years later by the Eastern Province Cement Company ,I written on this blog about her and posted photo's of her on the BMR in Wales.
These photo's are of the SAR-NG10 tender at Sandstone taken by Maff Wellman.

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