Thursday, 8 January 2015

It has been awhile since I last blogged, no real excuses but anyway I’m back. I plan to change the blog slightly still majoring on SAR Two- Gauge but bringing in every now and then other Southern African Narrow Gauge and by that,narrow gauge, I mean anything less than Cape Gauge 3’6”. Also if a loco or rolling stock had started life in Southern Africa but found a new life elsewhere I might cover it as well. As I get myself going in this again I will more than likely have a burst of writing but then plan to update at least once a week. Lets hope I can keep this going and find useful stuff re SAR-NG please feel free if you wish me to try research something re SAR-NG or you have something to add to one of my posts. Any crap and you will find out why I'm called the 'Wildebeast'
SAR-NGG11-54 From Peter Blackham's collection.

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